Bathroom Storage on the Cheap

29 Apr

The only full bath in my house is laid out funny.  There isn’t very much counter space and I have a problem of having too much crap all of the counter.  Handy Hubby will clean the bathroom and put ALL of my stuff in the linen closet and the counter will look spick and span until the next morning when I take EVERYTHING back out and spread it over the counter again.  Sigh . . .it’s a losing battle.

Today I was at Target looking for some decor for a friend’s living room I have been hired to decorate.  (and by “hired” I mean decorate and paint for free because I’m a pushover and because I love decorating!)  I stumbled upon the adorable little fabric baskets for only $4 each on clearance and snatched them right up, knowing instantly what their purpose would be in my bathroom.  I didn’t want them yo be on the counter, because that wouldn’t solve the clutter problem.  Ahhhh . . . .but I could mount them to the wall!

About 5 minutes and 4 screws later we had 2 adorable floating baskets on the wall for all my crap I use in the bathroom!


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    […] in an effort to keep as much of my “girly junk” off the counter as possible, I bought these cute storage baskets and mounted them on the wall.  It worked great . . . but eventually I realized that they had become catch-alls for anything and […]

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