6 Things You Should NEVER DIY

24 Apr

My friend came running over to my house in a panic this afternoon.  She’d let someone who didn’t know what she was doing bleach her dark hair for her.  She now resembles a cross between Malibu Barbie and a cheetah.  I spent hours fixing her hair for her and it got me thinking about all the things you should NEVER do yourself, or let someone who isn’t a trained professional do for you.  I know all of the following are best left to the experts, not just because they don’t sound like something you should take on, but because if there is something out there you shouldn’t do . . .my friends and I have probably at one time or another tired to do it!

Auto Repairs
A few years and two minivans ago, my breaks needed replacing.  I was driving to work and I literally lost a brake pad in the parking lot!  Handy Hubby swore up and down that he could replace the brakes by himself no problem.  HA!  Two weeks and a lot swearing later I finally convinced him to just take the car to a mechanic, and not some wack job who THINKS they are a mechanic, but a REAL mechanic.  So if you are having car trouble and you aren’t a professional, I highly recommend you consider taking your vehicle to someone that knows what they are doing.

Electrical Work

Handy Hubby, while not great with cars, is awesome at home repairs, remodeling etc.  A few years ago he was hired for a side job to finish an attic room and make it a sewing room.  He did the insulation, drywall, mudding yadda yadda.  He needed to install a few new light fixtures and outlets, which he is totally capable of.  However, once he was in the walls there were live wires LIVE WIRES just hanging out in there!  He couldn’t believe their house hadn’t burned to the ground!  The lady wanted him to fix it, but Handy Hubby said no way and had to halt all of his work until they hired an electrician to come out and fix the faulty wiring.  Apparently, the previous owners of the house had tried to wire the attic themselves.  NEVER I mean NEVER EVER try to do electrical work if you aren’t a skilled electrician.  You could short a circuit, shock yourself, burn down your house . . .just don’t do it.  Period.

Now I’m not saying you cannot put in a new toilet or sink or anything like that.  But when it comes to major plumbing, or anything involving a well or septic tank, you really ought to hire someone.  You don’t want the poop to be in your kitchen every time you flush!  Or your well to go dry, which is really costly to repair.  You end up with some serious issues if you don’t know what you are doing, and reading an E-How doesn’t count!


I once had more extra holes in my body than a block of Swiss cheese.  Some of them I was smart enough to have a professional to poke into my unsuspecting flesh.  Others I was stupid enough to do myself, or have a friend do for me.  Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than the infection or unsightly scar that can (and most likely will) come after a bad piercing.  My ears and belly button are proof that home holes area BAD idea.  Need more proof?  Improper sterilization, or incorrect placement of a needle (or piercing gun) can cause an infection that can honestly kill you.  If your luck isn’t quite that bad, you may just end up with severely damaged cartilage.  Ever seen someone with a droopy ear?  Most likely it didn’t always look that way.  I worked for years a piercer and believe me, if you don’t know what you are doing you are headed down the road to Hurtville.


Similar to my warning about home piercings, home ink in just plain idiotic.  It’s not going to look good, the coloring is going to be bad, and the likelihood of an infection is great.  Aside from that, years from now when you have to look at that botched home ink day in and day out, or pay thousands of dollars to have it removed, you will wish you hadn’t done it.  Home tats are usually the outcome of a few friends and a few too many strong drinks.  Take my ex, for example.  He a bunch of his “super cool” friends got wasted one night and decided to ink each other.  Well now he’s 30 with the word “RYTE” spelled across his stomach and an arrow pointing to the left.  Idiot.  So home ink . . .please for the love of all that is good, DON’T drink and ink!  (just don’t)  Granted there are more than enough bad professional tattoos out there too . . . ever heard of http://ugliesttattoos.failblog.org/   Check it out, it’s good for a laugh and a lot of perspective!


So your friend says she knows how to perm at home.  Or she watched an online tutorial for weaves and now thinks she’s an expert.  Take it from my friend with the bad dye job, unless you went to school, you have no business holding chemicals to another person’s head.  Ok, the little L’Oreal box dye at home kits are usually safe, as long as you follow the directions and use a color that will actually work with your natural color.  I’ve been blue, purple, black, blond, red and every accidental color in between there.  I’ve fixed my fair share of bad dye jobs and had several of my own.  Don’t pretend to be an expert if you aren’t one.

There you have it folks.  DIY is not for everyone, and it’s not for everything either.


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