Gotta Give a Shout Out!

21 Apr

This has nothing to do with DIY or crafting or anything like that, but my amazing brother and his wonderful wife started a dog rescue and she just started a blog about her rescue.  I wanted to share it so you all can read her story and why she started the rescue.  Being an animal lover myself, and having be home to rescued pets over the years, including my beautiful pooch Moxie who sleeps with Big A every night, I urge everyone to go out and adopt a shelter dog, cat, rabbit, fish . . . .whatever creature you desire.  They need homes and we need pets in our lives!  Pets have been proven to lower stress levels (although at time they can raid your stress level!) lower blood pressure, increase your life span . . .and lets face it, they bring a warmth and joy to our homes and hearts!  So check out my sister’s blog, check out your local shelter, and help an animal who really needs you!

Moxie says “Adopt doggies like me!  I;’m cute and furry and tons of fun!  Sorry, you cannot have me, but you can find a pet out there who is sweet and loveable just like me!”


One Response to “Gotta Give a Shout Out!”

  1. underdogpetrescue April 29, 2012 at 4:09 am #

    Thanks Mel, love ya!

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