DIY Tile Coasters

19 Apr

Gotta give a shout out to my Pinterest peeps . . .I’m so addicted!  And I cannot take all the credit for this little DIY number because I found the idea on pinterest and had to give it a whirl.  And now I will share it with you!  Aren’t I nice like that?  (har har har)

You can get plain old run of the mill white 4×4 ceramic tiles at Home Depot for less than $0.20 per tile.  I bought 20 of them because . . .well why not, right?  Make up some cute coasters, give them as gifts . . .put away a few for when one gets broken.

So all you need are plain white tiles, spray adhesive, scrapbook paper, felt, and mod podge.

Cut the paper to fit the tile, spray the adhesive onto the tile and put the paper on immediately.  The spray adhesive dries FAST.  Once it has set, I used an exacto knife to trim off any excess.  Turn the tile paper side down and trim off the edges.

You will need 5 coats of mod podge.  Each coat has to dry 15-20 minutes before you can put another coat on.

Once all 5 coats are on and totally dry, glue a square of felt to the bottom.  This is just going to keep the coaster from scratching up your tables.

Little helpful tip for you: I bought several different patterns and types of paper.  The thicker papers work best.  The really thin paper (which my favorite pattern happens to be VERY thin) will bubble as you layer the mod podge.  The thicker paper didn’t bubble at all.

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