Critter Couture

17 Apr

Both my kids have a serious stuffed animal hoarding issue.  I mean it’s REALLY bad!  But lately the issue is not so much the hoarding of the animals as it is the arguing over which animal belongs to which kid!  Allen the puppies, kitties, bears, aliens . . . they keep getting them as gifts from people who don’t want them to fight so they get them identical critters.  This causes the “That’s MY bunny!  Moooooom, he’s coloring on MY bunny!”

So today I came up with the answer to the ever popular question in my house “Which on is mine?”  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen . . .Critter Couture!  A VERY simple way to tell tell the identical furry friends apart.  A few scraps of felt, a little hand sewing, and viola!  Our stuffed animals have their very own fashion line!

It helps if you make a little template out of paper or an old cardboard box before you cut the fabric/felt.  I made a top hat and a Santa style hat.  For the top hat

A tall rectangle for the top,a circle for the top of the hat,  a circle slightly wider than the rest

angle for the brim.  Sew the rectangle together at one end, then sew the top on.  Flip inside out (or what will actually right side out) and sew the bottom circle in.  It really works best of you cut the center of the circle out and then sew from the inside so the seam is hidden.

I glued a little ribbon around the base of the hat where it meet the brim too.  So it’s fancy!  Then I flipped the brim upward and actually sewed it to the stuffed animal’s head.  He’s was a very good patient, didn’t make a peep!

For the Santa hat:

A triangle for the main part of the hat and a circle with the center cut out for the edges of the hat.  One little pompom for the top of the hat.

You need to cut more of a rounded “cone shape” than a triangle, or the edges won’t meet up perfectly.  Sew down the edge of the cone, flip inside out (right side out) and sew the circle inside of the cone so that it’s like a little lip around the bottom.  Or to be even easier, use fabric glue and glue the circle to outer edge instead.  Much simpler!  Glue the pompom to the tip, flip the edge up and sew onto the animal’s head as in the first one.  This little guy screamed like a mother!  Wimp.

They turned out so cute I am thinking of opening up a little shop full of teeny tiny accessories for naked stuffed animals!  I must also add that my boys love their “fancy penguins” and want me to make more clothes for some of their animals.  Good grief, what have I started?


One Response to “Critter Couture”

  1. kat April 17, 2012 at 3:49 am #

    those are sooooo cute!

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