Rapunzel, Rapunzel I Made Your Hair

3 Apr

I have 3 adorable nieces, I love them and their girly ways, especially since I have 2 boys.  When they come to visit, or I visit them, I soak up all the pink and ruffley goodness they have to offer me!  They were here for a visit this weekend and I wanted to make them something special.  since they all love princesses (who doesn’t?) and they all love the movie Tangled (who wouldn’t?) I made them Rapunzel braids!  So super easy and totally adorable!

Depending on how long you want them it could take anywhere from 1/2 a scane of yarn to a whole scane.  First thing you do is unravel it twice the length you will want it, because once it’s braided it will shorten.  I did about 1/3 scane for each, because they are pretty petite girls and I didn’t want the hair to be crazy long.

Once it was unraveled, I cut the ends to match, knotted one side, and did 3 braids.

Wrap a loose end around the base of the braid tie it to hold.  Do this for all 3 braids.

Then I braided the 3 braids together.  If you’ve seen Tangled, the little girls do this with Rapunzel’s hair and then weave flowers into it.

I didn’t feel like buying silk flowers, so I strung up some pretty beads, wove those into the braid, and secured them at both ends.

Next, I hot glued the braid to an elastic headband.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My little Rapunzels all love their fancy hair!


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