Paint Chip Art

30 Mar

I love cheap art, but I REALLY love free art!  I am always seeing all the crazy paint chip ideas on Pinterest.  Most of them are wallpapering an entire area with paint chips, or some sort of mosaic with paint chips.  A little too overzealous for my tastes, and I would NEVER be able to score that many paint chips in one day!

The other day I was at Home Depot waiting for my paint to be mixed and stumbled upon these really cute leaf shaped paint chips in various nature inspired colors.  I was instantly drawn to them and snatched up as many as I could without taking them all.  Being that they are there for people to decide on a paint color, not wallpaper with!

After laying them out is several different shapes and patterns, I decided that a flower-ish shape would be cool with nature tones and leaf shapes.  They even had this cute little punch out in one corner that was a tiny little leaf!  These were totally made to be used as a craft project, not just home color choices!

I layered them and glued them to a simple piece of cardboard from my recycle bin (where I find so many of my craft supplies these days!) When it was dry, I super glued a hanger to the back and hung it on the wall in my living room.  Free art!


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