My New Kitchen

30 Mar

Not actually “new”, but we just painted it and I’m pretty darn excited about it!  Previously, the dining room was a pumpkin/squash type color that we loved for years.  Notice the marks on the wall behind  my boys?  Those are from YEARS of children (ok, and adults) dragging their chairs across the wall.  We needed to repaint anyway, so why not go for a new look?  Maybe something a little less in-your-face that our pumpkin?  The color that my step dad has always described as “kitty puke orange”.  Gee thanks.

The kitchen was kind of an after thought.  I remained white until about 3 yrs ago when a friend of mine bought a house and bought 2 different colors for her kitchen, kept one and gave me the other.  I decided to paint the kitchen that color.  I have no clue what it was called, something spice I think.  Well, after forcing Handy Hubby to paint the kitchen (he’s so obedient) I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I HATED the color!  So we left it, until now when I was finally able to admit that I’ve never liked the color.  He laughed, saying he never liked it either!  So for 3 years we both suffered daily via paint color remorse in vein!

Yup, 3 years we both bit our tongues, and I can only assume so did every person  who EVER came into our house, because that is one hideous color! Our cabinets get lost in the dark orange!  And they are very nice cabinets, they should not play second fiddle to ugly!

So without further ado . . . drumroll please . . . our NEW and much improved dining room and kitchen!

There is still a chair rail that needs to go up at the top of the stripes.  This should alleviate the need for necks to be wrung every time a chair bumps the wall!  Handy Hubby accidentally backed into my freshly painted wall tonight at supper and took a chunk out of beautiful handy work.  I nearly beat him over the head with my plate!

So now we have a totally new living room-hardwood replaced the nasty crapet (yes, CRAPET) a new sofa and live seat, a lovely new area rug and new curtains.

The kitchen and dining room have new tile floors and wonderful new and eye-assault-free paint!  Yay!




The finished product, FINALLY!


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    […] on it a lovely shade of green called Celery Sprig.  It’s actually the color I used in my kitchen update, so no cost there because we used the left over paint!  We left the part of the wall that pops out […]

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