TP Tube Art

27 Mar

If you hit Pinterest, you can find any number of cool toilet paper tube projects.  I may need a pin board specifically for all the cool ideas and projects using TP tubes!  I tried my hand at some TP art that, when spray painted, looks like wrought iron.  It actually turned out pretty cool!  I made it on a small scale to test it out and I must say, it’s not bad.

You need a lot of TP tubes.  I saved them for quite a while, but my family goes through a great deal of TP, especially with 2 small boys who use WAY to much TP!

You need to cut strips, so cutting the tube down the long way, then cutting thin strips is the best way to start.  I also cut quite a few the short way, leaving them connected around.  If you let them bend a bit they take on the shape of a flower petal, making it very easy to do a floral design.

I curled the ends of a few of the long strips around a pencil so that it would take on the look of a curly iron piece.

Aside from these tips, you really just need to play around.  Let it out before you glue it, and your best bet is to use a glue gun.  Once it’s all glued and dry, blast it with a hot hair dryer to melt away all the glue strings.  Then spray paint it black, white, gray, hot pink . . .whatever you like.



















It’s a little crooked, I admit it.  But not too shabby for my first try!



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