Indoor Campfire

26 Mar

Friday night my boys wanted to have a sleepover in Big A’s room.  Since he has a loft bed I didn’t want to let Little C sleep up there with his brother.  I decided to let them have a camp out, my only solution to the conundrum of them being in a room with a 5 foot tall bed.  I rolled out the sleeping bags, hung a “tent” from the window and bed, and made them a pretend fire!  How do you make a pretend fire?  Well I’m glad you asked!

I took a piece of cardboard from the recycle bin and outlined the edges of it with the round bottom of an egg carton, cutting the “egg shaped” out of the bottom so that when they were glued hole-side-down to the card board it looked like the little rocks around the edge of a fire pit.

I took some toilet paper rolls (which I’ve been stock piling for TP roll crafts) and stacked them this way and that like logs, hot gluing them to the cardboard and each other.

I cut some orange and yellow construction paper into little flames and glued them to the rolls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The boys couldn’t find any marshmellows to “roast” so they ate ice cream and “warmed” water over the fire!  Goofy kids!



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