DIY Bedside Table

25 Mar

You know those ugly wooden bed tables that you buy for $10 and then throw a skirt over?  The round ones that you HAVE to keep covered because otherwise they are just a hunk of wood on peg legs?  We had 2 of them, one on each side of the bed.  I always hated them, but never felt like spending the money to buy something I actually liked.

One day, bored, I decided to spray paint one of them black.  Looked ok, but it was still just a round table on peg legs.  So I cut it in half.  Now, I have to admit I am a huge fan on the saws-all.  Once we bought a new desk and I cut the old one in half just for the hell of it!  A little bit crazy, I guess.

So once thew table was painted and cut in half, I had this kick ass idea to mount them on the wall on the bedsides.  They look so cool now, custom bedside tables!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You may recognize the artwork over the tables as well, some more of my $0.35 art!  (that’s right, mounted scrapbook paper!)


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