Easiest Headband EVER

20 Mar

I recently got my haircut with much shorter layers to prevent me from tossing it in a ponytail every god forsaking day.  But I need something to keep my hair from driving me bonkers all day long, so I’ve been wearing headbands everyday.  I don’t like the hard type as I have the family head: large.  I only own 2 fabric headbands and was getting sick of wearing the same 2 everyday.

This weekend I took a trip to the craft store and bought some leather cord for $3.  Can’t even buy one headband for that, I’m pretty sure I have enough cord to make about 10 headbands, and I got 4 colors in the pack!

The first headband I made is so insanely easy that it would be a great project for a slumber party or Girl Scouts.

I measured my head from just above the hairline in the back all the way around to the back again.  I cut 3 pieces of leather cord, each a different color, slightly longer than my measurement.  I tied them to a regular run of the mill hair tie, and braided them together.  Then I tied the other end to the opposite end of the hair tie . . .viola!  Headband!

I’m sure I will try a few varieties of this headband using weaving or a 5 strand braid, but this was my first and by far the easiest one I will make!

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