Thirty Five Cent Art

15 Mar

5 years ago when we moved in our house I went a buying spree to get art and frames to hang on the walls.  5 years later we were still looking at the same ugly apple paintings I had bought in desperation to hang something, ANYTHING, on the dining room wall.  The only reason I never replaced them was because I am too lazy and cheap to go out and buy something I actually like!

Today, while on a trip to my favorite store in the world . . .the craft store, I bought a few sheets of scrapbook paper in hopes to turn those ugly apple paintings into something I don’t mind looking at.

Step one was to pop the ugly apples out of the cool frames they came in.  Framed canvases are usually held in place with brown tape, so I slid a knife around the edge of the canvas to cut the tape.  I pushed the ugly out from the front, careful not to crack the canvas or bend the corners.

One the canvas was out, I sprayed it with spray adhesive (the liquid gold of crafters everywhere!) and placed the scrapbook paper onto the canvas.  You have to make sure it’s centered and that you smooth out the bubbles, because it’s not coming back off!  That spray adhesive means business!

I popped the canvas, no longer hideous, back into the frame and used a few small tacks to keep it from falling out of the frame through the back.











HUGE improvement and it seriously only cost me $0.35!   Thirty five cent art!  You cannot beat that!  And if I should decide I no longer like these prints, I can simply spray adhesive over them and stick a new print on!  Fabulous!


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