One of a Kind T-Shirts

11 Mar

I am all about getting my kids to unleash their creative sides as often as possible.  Anything to get them interested and engaged and away from tv and battery operated toys.  (thankfully, neither of them has discovered video games yet!) Tonight we did a really simple project that cost us nothing, and they had a blast doing it.  We designed our own t-shirts.

Very simple, all you need is a plain t-shirt (white or a light color will work best) a piece of cardboard, fabric or permanent markers and a coloring book.

Lay the t-shirt flat and slide slide the cardboard inside.  Put the coloring page inside over the cardboard and center it so the design is wear you want it.

Since the fabric moves a little when colored on, I taped the shirt back pulled tight so that is would shift less.

Trace the picture onto the shirt using a black permanent marker.  If your kids are good at tracing let them do it.

Once the picture is traced, color in the picture, add scenery or whatever you desire.  When it’s done you have a one of a kind t-shirt to wear!

Big A chose a picture from a Star Wars coloring book.  Little C chose a Jeep type vehicle.  They turned out very cute, and the boys are so proud of their custom shirts!

We will for sure be doing this again, especially once Little C learns how to color a little better.  We will call it abstract art until then!


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