Kid Art Display

9 Mar

Our refrigerator is always covered in a menagerie of drawings, paintings and collages.  It never looked neat, it always looked cluttered, and the heavy duty paper and projects with heavy items glued to them never stayed up with magnets.

Using VERY simple household objects I was able to create a cute place to display Big A and Little’s art work without cluttering up the fridge.

I used 2 long pieces of inch and a half wide scrap wood from the garage and covered them both in decorative duct tape.  Next I hot glued 5 clothes pins to each piece of wood, then nailed them to the wall, on about 15 inches or so above the other.

On the wall above them, I stenciled the word “Gallery” to give it a more museum-like feel, and make it a seem more like an exhibit for the boys’ work.

Now they can each display 5 project proudly and everyone can enjoy them without covering the fridge.

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