Cell Phone Charging Station

9 Mar

If you are like me, you cannot live without your cell phone.  Hubby is that same way, in fact, we don’t even have a house phone.  We use our cell phones so much that they need to charge every day, or every other day at the least.  Needless to say out chargers always littered the kitchen counter and when plugged in, our cell phones were at the mercy of sticky spills.  (which is why I have never had a phone that didn’t succumb to water damage) Enter the lotion bottle cell phone charging station!

All you need is a lotion bottle- I used a baby lotion bottle- an exacto knife, glue, and fabric or scrapbook paper.

Cut the neck of the bottle off, then cut one side about half way down the bottle and across.  Cut a hole in the back large enough for your charger to fit through.

Glue the fabric around the bottle, trim off excess.  Viola!


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