One Shirt= 3 Projects

5 Mar

Hubby has an endless supply of old, worn out tshirts.  We usually just toss them in the rag bag.  Until now.  I was made a headband, infinity scarf and braided belt using an old tshirt!  Here’s How it’s done:

Lay the tshirt on a flat surface and cut the neck band off just below the stitching.  The cut just below the sleeves across the shirt.  Also cut the hem off the bottom of the shirt.  Don’t worry about how neat the cuts are on the 2nd and 3rd cuts, you won’t see them anyway.

Once the cuts are done, your headband is done.  I embellished mine with a cute flower, I was thinking of doing another one with sparkles on it!

For the scarf, loop the band around a doorknob and pull, stretching the fabric as much as you can.  Slowly rotate the fabric as you pull so that you can get an even stretch.  When you’ve got it good and stretched, you are ready to wear your new infinity scarf!  There are a ton of ways to knot an infinity scarf, but I haven’t played with that much yet.

As for the braided belt, you will use the mid section, basically sleeve to sleeve.  Cut strips from one sleeve to almost the edge of the other.  Lave enough at the end to hold it all together.  Tape the end to a counter or table and start braiding tightly, stretching and pulling as you braid.  I did 5 cuts, so mine was a fishbone braid.  When you’ve gotten to the end, tie it tight.  My braid was supposed to be a belt, but I guess my tshirt was too small, or my is waist too large.  I think i will go with the shirt was too small!  So I decided to use it as a curtain tie back!

There you have it, one tshirt, 3 projects!  And once again  . . .NO SEWING REQUIRED!





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