No Sew Valance

4 Mar

I’m not very good at sewing, and my sewing machine is what the cavewomen used to mend their husbands Mastodon loin clothes.  Needless to say I’m not sitting around all day making my children’s clothes and sewing fancy bedding.  However, when Little C moved up from crib to Big Boy Bed, we changed the theme of his room from airplanes to sports and I wasn’t finding curtains that went with the bedding.

I found a remnant of really cute sports fabric at the store and for about 8 months it’s been draped over his curtain rod haphazardly, waiting for me to put out my monster of a sewing machine and turn it into a valance.  (there wasn’t enough of it to make curtains)

Today I was puttering around the house cleaning, yanked the fabric down and bypassed my mesozoic era sewing machine for a much more user friendly tool: my hot glue gun!

Being that my kids’ bedrooms change themes about as often as they change their clothes (ok, maybe not THAT often) I didn’t want to spend hours sewing and cursing only to have him grow out of the theme while I was mid stitch.  Enter the 10 minute-no-sew-valance!

The fabric was one bog chunk, so I cut it in half.  I folded the raw edges over and glued them so that the the raw edges were hidden.  Then I folded the top over, leaving a loop along the top to slide the curtain rod through.  I did this on both panels, then slid them onto the rod and did a little happy dance!

It appears in the photo that the one on the left is longer than the one on the right . . .it’s not.  It’s just the way it was hanging.



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