Buh Bye Nasty Crapet!

4 Mar

Yes.  I said crapet.  For years that is the term we used to describe the floor in our living room.  Crapet.  It’s carpet, but crappier.  Finally a few weeks ago we got fed up and decided to do something about the crapet once and for all.  Tear it up!  Oh boy, that sure was fun!  One has not joy until they have removed ugly, dirty, stinky crapet and thrown in out the door!

Never mind how ridiculous I look (OMG your first ever look at me and it has to be this photo?  I’m so ashamed!) Ok, well, that is me pointing to the spot our old dog peed several times.  In the summer you could smell it on a hot day.  Disgusting, right?  I assure you, we don’t live like pigs.  We tried every shampooer, carpet cleaning solution and deodorizing spray know to man.  None of them worked.

I think it took all of 45 minutes to tear out all the crapet.  Then I realized that we were going to have to work really fast, because our entire living room was jammed into our kitchen and that is no way to live.  Notice the dining room table tipped up against the wall?  Yeah . . .we had to eat at the little kid table in the play room.

Yadda yadda a few days later floors all installed.  Well it actually only took Handy Hubby 1 day to install the floor.  But once we got the room put back together we decided the tired old couch didn’t really work in the new room with the pretty floors and rug.  Sooooo . . . .enter new sofa and love seat that we got for an amazing price. The beauty part is the we all love our new living room so much, the kids actually try to keep it clean!


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