This Does Not REflect My Best Work

3 Mar

While shopping around on I was inspired by some adorable cardboard box playhouses.  Particularly the castles and rocket ships. 


But they run between $40-$80, which seems silly to me since they are just cardboard and, lets face it, I have two very rough boys.  Look at the happy children playing with their cardboard funhouse!  Happily content to use their imaginations . . . I can do that!

News flash people . . .it’s not that easy.  I cannot do that.  Ok, I DID make a structure which Big A is calling a rocketship using nothing more than cardboard boxes and duct tape.  I DID give it round windows and cover them in plastic wrap to emulate those of a rocketship.  I DID create shelves on the walls for laptops etc.  But I assure you it looks NOTHING like the ones you can buy.  It took me 2 hours and there are little bits of cardboard floating like tumbleweeds across my hardwood floors.

See what I mean?  I’m a bit of a perfectionist and let me tell you, this is NOT what I was picturing in my head!  Granted as we speak, Big A is sitting in his rocket eating a snack and watching a movie.  We even added stick-up lights because, as Big A put it, “It’s dark in outer space!”  Unfortunately, after ramming it through the playroom door so as to get it out of my living room, I realized something: It’s never coming back out!  We had a heck of a time shoving that beat through the door!  Alas, the boys have a place to pretend they are knights or kings or astronauts or whatever they can conjure up.  This momma is hanging up her dreams of ever being a cardboard architect.


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