Totally Recycled Play House

29 Feb

The boys and I were at my mom’s house one Sunday and she had 2 decent size boxes sitting by her recycle bin.  A little light bulb went on in my head and about 3 hours later the boxes were play houses for my boy’s little people and Lego people and small stuffed animals!

The best part was that everything I used to make the houses and the furniture inside the houses was out of my recycle bin!  Toilet paper tubes cut into 4 pieces made perfect chairs for the little people, pictures of TV sets in the Sunday ads made perfect TVs, food froma cooking magazine made awesome contents for a fridge, etc.  I made little beds by taping the cardboard to make a small box.  Folded cardboard to make a sofa . . .you get the idea.  My point?  You can make awesome toys using TRASH!  If you scour the web, the found objects turned toys are uncountable!

Little C scowling, no pictures please!


Big and Little C still play with their box houses, even stacking them to make an apartment complex!


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