Melted Crayon Art

29 Feb

Me: Gee we sure do have a lot of crayons!  What do we do with them all?

Big A: throw them out

Little C: Eat them!

Me: Let’s MELT them!

Heck yeah, melting things is fun!  Melted crayon art looks awesome, and you cannot possibly mess it up!

Step 1-glue crayons across the top of a canvas using tacky glue.  Hot glue will melt from the heat of the dryer, causing your crayons to fall off the canvas. I did rainbow order, but you can do them however you want!

Step 2-Set blowdryer to highest setting, tip the canvas slightly and blowdry the crayons.  The wax will melt after a few seconds and start to run down the canvas.  It drys fast, so you may want to heat the drips as well if you want it run further down the canvas.

Step 3-let dry about 30 minutes, mostly to ensure you do not burn yourself, then hang on the wall!


My boys had a blast watching the crayons melt!  And it looks great hanging in the playroom!  Happy melting!


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