Anything I Want!

26 Feb

Last night my Hubby told me he would do anything I wanted if I did . . .hmmm, ok I honestly cannot recall what it was that I had to do, so it must not have too horrible or to time consuming.  At any rate, he said anything I want!  I don’t know what he thought I was going to ask for, but I immediately hopped onto my computer and started scrolling through my pins on Pinterest to find something for him to build!  I have a Honey Do board on Pinterest, so naturally I went first to that board!

Some of my ideas are a little out there . . . or say Hubby says.  First was the awesome dog house for my fluffy baby Moxie Sue!  Well Hubby didn’t really take to that idea.  So We moved on to the giant tee pee swing, which he also though ridiculous.  (If I made one for him though, I know he would love it!)  So we’ve settled on him making me a new coffee table.  Especially since I can NEVER find a coffee table I actually like, and since we just remodeled our living room.  Ah, but what type of coffee table do I want?  I really like the idea of the repurposed window, however antique windows are single pane and not tempered . . . and I have 2 boys.  The 2nd option is similar to a train table, with storage underneath, but it looks more like furniture than a train table.  I would like to tile the top so that I get a classy look with a little color.

**after some thought, I remembered that Hubby had told he would do anything I wanted if I cut his hair.  Which I did*


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