Two Tutus

25 Feb

I’m not good at sewing.  I have an ancient sewing machine that was my mom’s, but it frequently eats the fabric making it very hard to sew much of anything.  My nieces birthday was coming up and I really wanted to make her a tutu because she loves all things girly, but didn’t want to suffer through pulling torn tulle out of the belly of my sewing machine.  Enter the no-sew-tutu!

It’s no-sew easy!  (ok that was totally lame, sorry) I bought 6 yard of tulle, 3 in blue and 3 in purple.  I bought 2 spools of ribbon in coordinating colors as well.

Step one wrap the tulle around  a piece of cardboard cut to the length you want your tutu. Secure at both ends with rubber bands.

Cut at the ends with a sharp scissors.

Next I took a piece of tulle long enough to wrap around my niece’s waist 2 times.  I used my son to measure because they are the same size!  Sorry Big A!

I took the cute pieces of tulle and tied them close together, starting with the blue, onto the long tulle being used as a waistband.  When all the blue was tied on, I tied the purple in between and over the blue.

When all the tulle was on the waistband, I took the ribbon and cut it the same way as I cut the tulle, then alternated colors tying them on as well.  Make sure you double knot the ribbon because it’s slippery and it will just slit out of the knot and fall off.

The finished product was a totally adorable tutu that ties in back, making it sizable for any of my nieces friends!

Total cost was $10 and it took me about 2 hours to complete, and my niece loves it!


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