The Bunkbed Loft

25 Feb

Big A’s bedroom is not very large.  It’s an issue for us, being that Big A collects EVERYTHING and cannot keep his room clean to save his life.  He has a bunkbed and a train table in his room, which basically made it impossible to play, move or vacuum.  My idea?  Why not turn the bunkbed into a loft?  Enter Handy Hubby!

For starters let me just say that safety was my main concern.  I did not want to sacrifice safety for convenience. Hubby made sure he fully stabilized and reenforced the bed before we let the boys get on top, or even under neath.

To start, he removed one long beam, so that the under loft area was open to the bedroom.  Then he took out the mattress support, leaving an open space beneath the top bunk for play.  Lastly he put a bracket on the ladder and attached it to the end beam so that the ladder didn’t wobble when the boys climbed on it.  Then we slid the train table underneath and basked in the glory of a handmade loft!  It’s totally reversible should we ever decide we’d rather have 2 beds than a loft.  Cost: $0.


3 Responses to “The Bunkbed Loft”


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