Oh Beans!

25 Feb

I’m an avid user of Pinterest,  I love, I’m addicted.  If there is a Pinterest Addicts Anonymous, I may need to join.

While on Pinterest, searching for cool crafts and fun things to keep Big A and Little C entertained, I found a dry bean sensory bin.  Very cool except that the creator suggested using a dish pan.  A dish pan is fine, but kind of small, especially for 2 boys to drive trucks in a dig.  My solution?  The tray top coffee table!  No, I did not go out any buy a new coffee table, it just so happens that we have a coffee table whose lid comes off and can be flipped to either cushion or tray top.  We dump our bag o beans onto the tray and when the boys are done digging I scoop them back into the bag and store them in the pantry for next time! 


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