Ahoy Me Hearty!

25 Feb

This past Halloween Big A wanted to be Captain Hook.  Little C was only 2, so he didn’t care what he was.  Big A REALLY wanted his little brother to be his parrot, which brought forth what I can only assume was the best handmade costume EVER! (there I go tooting my own horn again!)

I can’t give step by step instructions because I don’t have pics of each step of the process, but I can give you a break down on how it was made for under $14!

For starters I dug through the pajamas and found a pair of red fleece footed pajamas that were a size too big for Little C.  By having them be too large it ensured that I could stuff him into them wearing warm clothes since we live on the South Pole.

I went to the craft store and bought several sheets of brightly colored felt.  I drew 2 sizes of feathers onto cardboard, a large and a small and then cut out many many many felt feathers.  This made my hands sore!

Next I got out the crafters best friend the hot glue gun, laid the fathers out how I wanted them and glued each feather down just at the top of the feather so they would move with Little C.

For the legs I used a pair of adult size knee socks I found for a dollar.  The head was a santa hat with the white ball and trim cut off.  I glued some little feathers to the end and made a felt beak stuffed with toilet paper.  Large google eyes finished it off.

And pirate/parrot combo would be complete without their very own pirate ship to travel the high sea in?  I transformed our wagon into the S.S.Poopdeck with brown paper bags, a diaper box, construction paper and a wrapping paper tube.  And a LOT of packing tape!


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