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Totally Recycled Play House

29 Feb

The boys and I were at my mom’s house one Sunday and she had 2 decent size boxes sitting by her recycle bin.  A little light bulb went on in my head and about 3 hours later the boxes were play houses for my boy’s little people and Lego people and small stuffed animals!

The best part was that everything I used to make the houses and the furniture inside the houses was out of my recycle bin!  Toilet paper tubes cut into 4 pieces made perfect chairs for the little people, pictures of TV sets in the Sunday ads made perfect TVs, food froma cooking magazine made awesome contents for a fridge, etc.  I made little beds by taping the cardboard to make a small box.  Folded cardboard to make a sofa . . .you get the idea.  My point?  You can make awesome toys using TRASH!  If you scour the web, the found objects turned toys are uncountable!

Little C scowling, no pictures please!


Big and Little C still play with their box houses, even stacking them to make an apartment complex!


Melted Crayon Art

29 Feb

Me: Gee we sure do have a lot of crayons!  What do we do with them all?

Big A: throw them out

Little C: Eat them!

Me: Let’s MELT them!

Heck yeah, melting things is fun!  Melted crayon art looks awesome, and you cannot possibly mess it up!

Step 1-glue crayons across the top of a canvas using tacky glue.  Hot glue will melt from the heat of the dryer, causing your crayons to fall off the canvas. I did rainbow order, but you can do them however you want!

Step 2-Set blowdryer to highest setting, tip the canvas slightly and blowdry the crayons.  The wax will melt after a few seconds and start to run down the canvas.  It drys fast, so you may want to heat the drips as well if you want it run further down the canvas.

Step 3-let dry about 30 minutes, mostly to ensure you do not burn yourself, then hang on the wall!


My boys had a blast watching the crayons melt!  And it looks great hanging in the playroom!  Happy melting!

DIY Upholstered Storage Cube

27 Feb

I was once again perusing Pinterest and came across these super cool little stools made out of those ugly plastic bins everyone has as shelving in their dorm in college.  I thought they looked like perfect seating for boys playroom, so I set out on a wild goose chase to find some of those ugly crates.  Who would think they would be so darn hard to find?  I looked at 4 different stores and didn’t see a single crate!

I remembered that when I was a kid we kept our kindling wood in these crates when we went camping.  Sure enough, my dad had 2 of them sitting in his garage not being used!  Yay!

After a trip to the fabric store for a nice remnant and 2 batted cushion inserts, the wheels in my noggin started turning.  The crates I’d acquired were REALLY ugly.  They were a weird mint green color and had splattered spray paint on them.  Hubby said spray painting them would be a pain in the butt.  I pulled 2 brown curtains out of storage and went to work “slip covering” the crates!

I don’t sew very well, so I used my trusty hot glue gun (a crafter’s best friend!) to cover the ugly crates.  Next I stuck a left over peel and stick carpet tile inside so that if the boys put any little toys inside they wouldn’t fall through the holes and get stuck.

To cover my corner seams, I glued a 1 inch wide ribbon over the raw fabric edges.  Gives it a more polished look!

Hubby cut  pieces of pine plywood and fastened wood blocks to the inside of the lid so that when the boys sit on the top the lids don’t slide off.

I put some hot glue on the wood and stuck the batting on, then lay it in the middle of my fabric and used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the lid. ** If you are doing this, or an upholstering, make sure you pull the fabric tight as you go so that it doesn’t ripple at all.  **

Now we have 2 cute little upholstered storage bins that double as seating for the boys in our playroom!

Total cost: $2.00 for fabric remnant $14 for batting $0 for crates $0 for “slip cover” fabric=$16!  Can’t buy em that cheap!

Anything I Want!

26 Feb

Last night my Hubby told me he would do anything I wanted if I did . . .hmmm, ok I honestly cannot recall what it was that I had to do, so it must not have too horrible or to time consuming.  At any rate, he said anything I want!  I don’t know what he thought I was going to ask for, but I immediately hopped onto my computer and started scrolling through my pins on Pinterest to find something for him to build!  I have a Honey Do board on Pinterest, so naturally I went first to that board!

Some of my ideas are a little out there . . . or say Hubby says.  First was the awesome dog house for my fluffy baby Moxie Sue!  Well Hubby didn’t really take to that idea.  So We moved on to the giant tee pee swing, which he also though ridiculous.  (If I made one for him though, I know he would love it!)  So we’ve settled on him making me a new coffee table.  Especially since I can NEVER find a coffee table I actually like, and since we just remodeled our living room.  Ah, but what type of coffee table do I want?  I really like the idea of the repurposed window, however antique windows are single pane and not tempered . . . and I have 2 boys.  The 2nd option is similar to a train table, with storage underneath, but it looks more like furniture than a train table.  I would like to tile the top so that I get a classy look with a little color.

**after some thought, I remembered that Hubby had told he would do anything I wanted if I cut his hair.  Which I did*

The Bunkbed Loft

25 Feb

Big A’s bedroom is not very large.  It’s an issue for us, being that Big A collects EVERYTHING and cannot keep his room clean to save his life.  He has a bunkbed and a train table in his room, which basically made it impossible to play, move or vacuum.  My idea?  Why not turn the bunkbed into a loft?  Enter Handy Hubby!

For starters let me just say that safety was my main concern.  I did not want to sacrifice safety for convenience. Hubby made sure he fully stabilized and reenforced the bed before we let the boys get on top, or even under neath.

To start, he removed one long beam, so that the under loft area was open to the bedroom.  Then he took out the mattress support, leaving an open space beneath the top bunk for play.  Lastly he put a bracket on the ladder and attached it to the end beam so that the ladder didn’t wobble when the boys climbed on it.  Then we slid the train table underneath and basked in the glory of a handmade loft!  It’s totally reversible should we ever decide we’d rather have 2 beds than a loft.  Cost: $0.

Oh Beans!

25 Feb

I’m an avid user of Pinterest,  I love, I’m addicted.  If there is a Pinterest Addicts Anonymous, I may need to join.

While on Pinterest, searching for cool crafts and fun things to keep Big A and Little C entertained, I found a dry bean sensory bin.  Very cool except that the creator suggested using a dish pan.  A dish pan is fine, but kind of small, especially for 2 boys to drive trucks in a dig.  My solution?  The tray top coffee table!  No, I did not go out any buy a new coffee table, it just so happens that we have a coffee table whose lid comes off and can be flipped to either cushion or tray top.  We dump our bag o beans onto the tray and when the boys are done digging I scoop them back into the bag and store them in the pantry for next time! 

A Whale of a Camper

25 Feb

This is not something I made, and probably not something I would make, but it’s crazy cool!

While camping this past summer my family came across an awesome home made whale camper!  According to the creators it was constructed rom an old fishing shanty and mounted onto a 2 wheel trailer.  Beyond that I have no idea how they made it, or how roomy it is inside.  I can imagine they need a lot of lanterns because that little porthole that is the whale’s eye is the only window.  Nevertheless, it’s freakin awesome!